Stress And What Does This Do With You Depression Health 

What Is Stress And What Does This Do With You?

What is stress and what matters to you are two important questions that will be answered today. By reading the previous blog you can experience how to handle less stress by putting your hand on your forehead. I have also promised to explain how it is possible. But before I do this it is important to know what stress is. If you know what it is and how it develops, you can also change it. What is stress? In an emergency, our brains will determine whether we must fight or escape the danger. Our body…

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If You Do Not See The Forest Through The Trees Health 

If You Do Not See The Forest Through The Trees

Recently, a woman with me in the clinic came to the advice of her skin therapist. She told me she had been treated by the skin therapist in her place of residence with laser for final hair removal. Now she also wanted to treat couperose with laser, but for this she was referred to our clinic. She did not mind: laser is laser Perhaps you have even searched for a laser treatment. Then you have also discovered that there are many different lasers. All these names and the different wavelengths…

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