Skin Treatment 

Skin Enhancement

For more than 25 years, our passion is to improve skin by treating the skin so that it becomes vital and beautiful.For this we introduce various products, equipment and techniques. We are constantly looking for the best for your skin. Not only with regard to repairing skin problems but also preventively by giving appropriate and honest advice, coupled with high-quality products proven proven. Of course, safety combined with visible and tangible results is paramount in our salons. Come on for an advice and skin analysis or book an introduction treatment so…

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Reduces Your Pigment Spots In Your Face Health 

This Reduces Your Pigment Spots In Your Face

A gift and even skin, that’s what everyone wants? If you suffer from pigment stains, this is very annoying. We have some tips on how to reduce and prevent pigment stains in your face. 1. Provide good protection against UVA and UVB radiation with the Cenzaa Sunshields. 2. Use a Cenzaa 24H cream and protect your skin from UV radiation and harmful effects from the outside throughout the year. 3. Egulate the skin and give the skin a brightening effect through an intense peeling with the Illuminating Skin Peel 5% – 10%….

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