A French Taste Adventure at The French Connection Food 

Review: A French Taste Adventure at The French Connection

A year ago restaurant The French Connection (TFC) reopened at the Singel, heart of Amsterdam. In 2015 the restaurant was opened but then with a more ‘French tapas’ feature. That worked less well than thought, and thus a new culinary French vision was worked out: 10 varied à la carte dishes (inspired) inspired by the French regions. We went to taste. Praise for the host TFC is located in the basement of the Odeon building (known for many). As soon as you step in, leave the busy city behind you and end up in…

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Couple in love drinking coffee in coffee shop Food 

This Says The Type Of Coffee About Your Date

Today, October 1, is the World Coffee Day. Appointment at a coffee shop for a first date * may be even more meaningful today. Because did you know that the cup of coffee that your date orders tells a lot about his or her personality? If you have a date for an espresso, you have a great chance that there is a fiery and passionate type in front of you. Is preference for a quieter type? Then open the eyes for a date that orders a cappuccino. Order fresh new coffees can not be missed…

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