How CBD can help against stress Health 

How CBD can help against stress

God gives us a beautiful gift that is our life. But now in these days people have to face stress in their regular life . Stress become a major problem in their lives. They are not living happy, they are suffering full day by stress that became a big issue among the population. Big health issue: Stress destroys people lives. Mostly people take some medicine to get rid of this. Cannabis is an alternative medicine which have special healing properties. We have found that many countries  are changing their drugs…

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medical instrument Health 

How healthcare manufacturers leverage online platforms to grow their business

The face of healthcare industry is changing albeit in a gradual manner. Both healthcare providers and manufacturers are standing today at a crucial juncture of the transformation shaping the domain. If hospitals have the technology to shuffle their procurement strategy, then the same ecosystem is the motivation for big pharma companies to grow their reach and penetrate deeper into the markets and regions. To both set of players, online pharmacies have proven to be the real catalysts giving them ample of prospects to grow and cater their respective segments with…

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How to cure typhoid using home remedies Home Remedies 

How to cure typhoid using home remedies?

Typhoid is a disease caused by bacteria named salmonella typhi. It is spread through consuming contaminated food, water or by coming into direct contact with other typhoid infected person. Mainly the parts affected are spleen, gallbladder, liver, and lymph. Typhoid can be detected by fever, diarrhea, skin rash, weakness, loss of appetite, sore throat and constipation. Typhoid can be lethal if not cured on time. The allopathic medicines provided by doctors are high power and can have adverse effects on the body. Hence those who are scared of side effects…

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