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7 Lifestyle hacks to manage Hypotension!

Low blood pressure is considered as a natural consistent condition for many people and does no harm to them. Whereas, a sudden drop in the blood pressure may compel you to think twice. Hypotension, commonly known as Low Blood pressure in numbers can be defined as lower than 90 mm Hg systolic or 60 mm Hg diastolic — is actually a very common medical condition with enormous reasons, starting from pregnancy, heart problems, blood loss to a simple issue like, dehydration, etc. If you have a prolonged low blood pressure…

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Everything That You Need to Know About Modafinil Health 

Everything That You Need to Know About Modafinil

Human beings have always been interested in finding tools that can cause a big impact with very little effort. Call it relentless pursuit of personal perfection or enlightened laziness, it has been the scenario since their existence. Nootropics are one of those tools that have been found in the effort to make the human brain active, concentrated, and intelligent without falling asleep when you need. Basically, nootropics are the compounds that help you stay awake and help in brain development as well. There are various nootropic compounds present and available…

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5 shocking facts about chikungunya Health 

5 shocking facts about chikungunya

Know more about chikungunya symptoms and diagnosis to be better prepared when the illness strikes you or a family member. At a time when Governments are raising alerts on dengue and malaria, another silent illness has the public firmly in its grip. We are referring to Chikungunya, which is a vector borne disease carried by mosquitoes. Here are a few facts to know about Chikungunya: #1 It has a human-to-mosquito transmission facet. Does that shock you? It’s true – a human being infected with the Chikungunya virus can spread the…

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Explaining the Different Types of Vape Hardware Health 

Explaining the Different Types of Vape Hardware

Before using any device, it’s imperative to know the different parts or components well enough to understand the mechanics. In this case, knowing how and why a vape or e-cig works is just as important as knowing the different parts or hardware that make up the entire thing. In this article, we will be going over the different parts that make up your basic e-cig or vape. First there’s the battery The battery is an important part of the e-cig as it provides power to the device and it is…

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Benzodiazepines Addict Treatment 

3 Tips for Helping a Benzodiazepines Addict

Benzodiazepines, commonly called benzos, are a type of drug that is made available by a doctor for legitimate reasons but are often misused. These drugs are mainly prescribed to treat fairly common conditions such as anxiety and insomnia, and affect the central nervous system by slowing down some of the body’s natural functions. Even these prescription drugs can be addicting and have the potential to be abused. It is sometimes easy for a person who has been prescribed a medication to spiral out of control if they are not careful….

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Air Purifier banner Health 

5 Reasons Why Every Pet Owner Should Invest in an Air Purifier

There are many reasons why people love to keep pets. Besides being an animal lover, having pets around serves a person’s need to cherish, love or find a companion to fight boredom. They make socializing easier and most of all they are known to improve your health. It is well-known fact that having a cat around lowers your stress, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. But, keeping a pet comes with its own set of problems like cleaning of pet dander, pet hair or even dealing with odours and smells….

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