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3 Tips for Helping a Benzodiazepines Addict

Benzodiazepines, commonly called benzos, are a type of drug that is made available by a doctor for legitimate reasons but are often misused. These drugs are mainly prescribed to treat fairly common conditions such as anxiety and insomnia, and affect the central nervous system by slowing down some of the body’s natural functions. Even these prescription drugs can be addicting and have the potential to be abused.

It is sometimes easy for a person who has been prescribed a medication to spiral out of control if they are not careful. Just having them in the home can provide access to someone who they are not intended for to use them improperly. No matter the reason, getting someone you know the help that they need as soon as possible is important in keeping them safe and alive.

Offer Treatment

Whether a person is using Benzodiazepines in a safe or unsafe manner, it is necessary to reduce that usage in the intended way. Completely stopping the use of the drug can result in serious medical issues. It is important to consult a physician regarding this process. For serious cases, there are facilities that offer detox for benzos in Florida and other locations that provide the physical and emotional support needed in this situation.

Rehabilitation centers cater to the patient in a caring and nurturing manner after the detox phase is completed. They help the recovering addict go through the processes of understanding their addiction, provide counseling and additional medical attention, keep them on a sober track, and more. The possibilities are endless for a recovering addict who is getting the help they need.

This process can seem overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the world of recovery. There are people to turn to for guidance in setting up a plan like this. Organizations like Sober Nation provide many resources including knowledge on the topic, insurance verification, and facility location. A simple call or e-mail can start the recovery process for your loved one.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Addiction is a disease that many people suffer with openly or behind closed doors. Some can function normally while abusing benzos while others are noticeably different. Unfortunately for many, once a person is addicted they can almost no longer control their situation with the drug. For their sake, ensure that you have the type of communication that would allow them to express themselves to you when they need to.

Being able to talk with you might, one day, lead them on their journey to recovery. They should be able to come to you for help without feeling attacked or ashamed. In some cases, you will need to be the one to keep the dialogue regarding their addiction and potential recovery going, being open and honest with how their behavior is affecting you and those around them.

Do Not Enable

It isn’t easy to watch a person you love suffering and not feel sorry for them. In the case that they are abusing a drug, it is important not to assist in their downfall. Enabling can be done in many ways including giving the addict money, allowing them to live with you while using drugs, driving them places, and buying them food.

It might seem harsh to allow a loved one to go without food or shelter but they must understand that you will not accept them while they are abusing Benzodiazepines. At the end of the day, they are making a choice to continue their negative behavior instead of leading a positive and productive life where they wouldn’t have to rely on you for those things. Many addicts will continue their use and keep their focus on the drug when they have financial or other types support.

Addiction is a world of constant stress, uncertainty, and unhealthy living. By the time an addict has reached a point where they cannot control their situation any longer, it is often too late for them to simply stop taking the drug. Providing a safe, healthy, and resourceful place for them to turn to is the best thing for them. In a world where the addiction disease claims the lives of so many, a caring and concerned loved one or friend armed with knowledge might be exactly what can save the addict in your life.

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