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After gaps and gum problems, tooth decay is the third condition that can affect your teeth. A lot of people suffer from it, and that can have serious consequences for your teeth. When you choose to be sharpened with strength, wear will occur. Because you do it while you sleep, you have no control over it. And that makes it very difficult to fix teeth cracks.

The dentist can measure a plastic piece that protects you, and sometimes relaxation exercises also help a little. But there is also another way that effectively fixes the teeth: Botox. By spraying a little Botox into the chewing muscles, the complaints take off immediately. Often the teeth will stop completely at all. The treatment can simply be repeated after a few months.

When the calf muscle relaxes, you often see a change in the face shape. An excessive chewing muscle causes an angular jaw line. When the calf muscle relaxes, the face becomes softer and rounder – and thus more feminine.

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