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Sparking Pearly White Teeth – Where Beautiful Smiles Begin!

“Smile is a beautiful sparkling accessory you can always carry around. Keep smiling, Keep shining!” – Caroline Naoroji. All of us want that gleaming Hollywood smile with white and shiny teeth. But most of us live in the real world filled with teeth staining necessities like tea, coffee and other beverages. So, what can we do to get those pearly white teeth? Getting that smile is simple than you think. A simple teeth whitening procedure can help you achieve the look you have been dreaming of. Among other cosmetic dental…

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How to react if a tooth is broken by a blow

If a tooth is broken when a blow is struck, that is, a fragment of the crown of one of your teeth is split, you have to know that there is a way to save it. Keep reading this article on how to react if a tooth breaks and you learn what you have to do. Steps to follow: If you suffer a blow to your mouth and as a consequence a fragment of a crown is split from one of your teeth, you must try not to swallow it…

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