Special Tea Food 

Autumn Time For Tea! 5 x Special Tea

1) Tea Street Tea Tea Tea is for the real connoisseur. The brand knows in the base eight different teas types (all of which are loose leaf tea), varying from gentle pure to rejuvenating flavor variations. It’s nice that the packaging is also very beautiful: the illustrations on the packaging are made by design agency alt-8. 2) Tea flower For a while, a hype, but still very nice, tea flowers. In addition to its delicious taste, it is especially a pleasure for the eye. As soon as the flower comes into contact with hot water, the…

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In the past it was very normal; eat a day in your favorite brown bar Food 

Food In the past it was very normal; eat a day in your favorite brown bar

In the past it was very normal; eat a day in your favorite brown bar. Every day something fresh from the kitchen according to the principle “Food that shovels the pot”. But (unfortunately), the traditional brown bar has slowly disappeared from the street scene and thus the day’s hiding has been dropped into the background. Or right? As of September 15, Firma Potschaft returns the day hap on the map. You literally eat in the kitchen at a long kitchen table, where you enjoy your meal. Daily meals (fish / meat or vega) will be served from € 12,50….

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Sandwich Of Bread, Please Food 

One Sandwich Of Bread, Please!

A sandwich of knakworst do you mean? No, we mean a sandwich of carrot! That healthy food can also be delicious and fun and that vegetables must not only be a culprit in our food, which proves the knakwortel’s cheesecake. With the root in the lead, they make ecological themes accessible. With Knakwortel, they combine the recognizable healthy root with the favorite taste of hip street food. Either way: a classic from New York, but then of this time. The concept must still be officially launched (the root will be “fined” as we speak.) Therefore, keep…

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A French Taste Adventure at The French Connection Food 

Review: A French Taste Adventure at The French Connection

A year ago restaurant The French Connection (TFC) reopened at the Singel, heart of Amsterdam. In 2015 the restaurant was opened but then with a more ‘French tapas’ feature. That worked less well than thought, and thus a new culinary French vision was worked out: 10 varied à la carte dishes (inspired) inspired by the French regions. We went to taste. Praise for the host TFC is located in the basement of the Odeon building (known for many). As soon as you step in, leave the busy city behind you and end up in…

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Couple in love drinking coffee in coffee shop Food 

This Says The Type Of Coffee About Your Date

Today, October 1, is the World Coffee Day. Appointment at a coffee shop for a first date * may be even more meaningful today. Because did you know that the cup of coffee that your date orders tells a lot about his or her personality? If you have a date for an espresso, you have a great chance that there is a fiery and passionate type in front of you. Is preference for a quieter type? Then open the eyes for a date that orders a cappuccino. Order fresh new coffees can not be missed…

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