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Clenbuterol Is a Fat Burner?

Now a day’s youth are fascinated to clenbuterol body building in order to reduce fat. As we all know that maintaining physique is not a typical task compared to ancient times. Gym plays a vital role with required exercise added with specific diet. But apart from gym, lifting weights and especially diet maintenance a steroid clenbuterol is now a physiological tool for those who want to reach their achievements.  The main Moto of this clenbuterol was originated to treat respiratory problems like asthma. It not only stimulates metabolism that is none other than BMR (basic metabolic rate) but also reduces fat eventually. Check out the Clenbuterol price in India  here.

Added advantage is it increases oxygen flow and acts as a powerful fat burning agent.

Clenbuterol is also referred as Clen as it doesn’t have anabolic properties.

Clenbuterol cycle:

  This clenbuterol steroid is used in a cyclic pattern only. If this dosage is prolonged more than three months then it leads to severe side effects. Let’s have an example how the steroid is utilized in cyclic process.

For beginner’s point of view, start with a low dosage level 20 mcg per day and sustain the same dosage for three weeks.  If there are no so side effects sustained after the same low level of dose then the dose can be increased up to 120 mcg per day and the above process is supervisioned under medical practioner only.

Maximum dosage for men and women is different in its consumption.

For men the dosage of 140mcg per day is assigned while in women 100 mcg per day is assigned.

Accordingly the dosage of this drug will be assigned in the range from 100mcg to 140 mcg per day in the case of weight loss individuals if needed only. For women this clen is termed as ‘size zero pill’.

There is another form of clenbuterol that is in liquid form for those cases who are unable to swallow the pill, one could use this dosage. Simply it termed as liquid clenbuterol dosage.

For any individual before going to proceed with this drug, that individual is given a small amount of required dose. If any side effect doesn’t persist then we can proceed with increased dosage until and unless no harmful effects. Remember exceeding amount of dosage let we say exceeding 200 mcg is much more dangerous to physical health.

On further this steroid produces more heat and burns calories. This clen is sold in oral pills and liquid like in syrup forms. This product is certified as a popular supplement even it is resided with several side effects. Check out the Clenbuterol price in India.

Moreover this clenbuterol is taken early in the morning rather than at nights in order to avoid sleep disturbance. That is the reason why using clenbuterol lead to severe side effect insomnia .this drug stimulates the metabolism and causes insomnia as it works and stimulates immediately in the body  approximately over 20 to 30 hours. As we all know that this drug resolves the respiratory problems like asthma a breathing disorder with a dosage of 40mcg per day. There is another cause related to cardiovascular system like heart attacks will be encountered while using huge amount of doses pertaining stress problems. A cardiac hypertrophy where the heart functions which is abnormal than existing normal function of heart under pressure.

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