Narcissistic abuse is gradual and it takes a long time for it to take its toll on a person. Some of this abuse can go on for years. If you have been subjected to this kind of abuse for so long, your life as it is seems normal yet it is anything but. Having panic attacks is not normal. Fear in taking a single step is not normal. Seeking approval for every step you take is not normal. You need to break this cycle through narcissistic abuse recovery programs that have been structured to help victims like you.

Substance and alcohol abuse

With the kind of abuse you are undergoing, failure to get treatment and support means you will likely look for ways of surviving this life. Chances are you will turn to substance and alcohol abuse to numb the feelings of unworthiness. If you do not get help from the right channel, then you will likely use the wrong channel.


Depression is one of the things you will likely experience. No human being can consider herself worthless and remain normal. No one likes feeling inadequate and having someone make you feel that way all the time is likely to take its toll. Before long you will stop making the effort to meet the set standards of your abuser because you just never seem able to do anything right. The end result is depression.

Difficulty in relating with others

Since the abuse inflicted on you is subtle, you will not realize what is happening until it is too late. You will find yourself isolated from your family and friends because your relationships were a cause of rift between you and your partner. The people you related with were just not good enough and you felt you owed your loyalty to your partner so you let them go. Before long you will find that the only person you have in your life is your narcissistic partner. You will find it difficult building new relations because you do not want to start having problems with him because of your friends or family. In the long run, you will be alone.

Challenges at work

Your relationship at home will definitely affect your productivity at work. Remember your self- esteem is not just shattered at home. It is affected everywhere you go. You will also not make much effort when it comes to your work because you will think it will not be good enough.

It is very important for you to go through narcissistic abuse recovery so that your emotional and physical health is restored and you can get back to living a normal life without the fears you live with.

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