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Exercises to Work Train Trains

It sounds pretty beautiful when you say you love handles, but actually it’s a loving name for annoying fat rolls above the hip. We would rather not use that name, because then we’ll be reminded of something we’d rather lose than being rich. Why do many people suffer from love trafficking? And more importantly, how do you get there as soon as possible? In this article I give you all the answers and the best love handles exercises to help you in the right direction.

What you read in this article include:

  • Why some people suffer from love trades than others
  • The connection between the hormone insulin and love handles
  • 3 tips for losing love handles and stubborn belly fat
  • 8 great exercises to eliminate love handles
  • And more and more ..

What are love handles?

Lovehandles are the infamous fat rolls that protrude just above the jeans. They can occur in both men and women. This is one of the first places where body fat is stored. It’s definitely not hard to recognize them.

Just pull on your favorite jeans, and stand in front of the mirror: Do you see those rolls that are brutally above your jeans? That does not match the jeans band? Precisely, these are the love handles.

Obesity in your body can of course take place in many places, but one of those places is just above your hips, causing fat rolls to develop.

To learn more about how love deals develop and why exactly there, we’ll first look at how the process of fat storage breaks up.

The basis is as follows: when you eat, the carbohydrates are converted from that food into sugar (glucose) that are suitable as a source of energy for your body. These sugars end up in your bloodstream and will promptly increase your blood sugar level, the amount of sugars in your blood.

Your body will respond immediately by creating additional insulin. This insulin will ultimately ensure the transport of the sugars to the organs and muscles that currently need fuel.

But if the body is not active, a certain amount of sugar will remain. As this can not remain in the bloodstream, this excess of sugars is converted to body fat by the same insulin, and stored in one of the known areas: belly, hip, buttocks or upper legs.

Otherwise, it works exactly the same: If you need energy, and this is not immediately available in your bloodstream, body fat is basically applied to energize your muscles and organs. The latter is very complex, with other available energy sources being used in the body.

Unfortunately, body fat degradation is much more complex and much slower than the storage of body fat.

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