Explaining the Different Types of Vape HardwareHealth 

Explaining the Different Types of Vape Hardware

Before using any device, it’s imperative to know the different parts or components well enough to understand the mechanics. In this case, knowing how and why a vape or e-cig works is just as important as knowing the different parts or hardware that make up the entire thing.

In this article, we will be going over the different parts that make up your basic e-cig or vape.

First there’s the battery

The battery is an important part of the e-cig as it provides power to the device and it is responsible for turning the vape liquid cheap into vapor. Now, as basic as it may seem, e-cig batteries come in different forms due to their power capabilities. You have your fixed voltage, variable wattage, and variable wattage with temperature control. For novices, the fixed voltage is the most recommended battery as it doesn’t need any tinkering.

There’s the tank

The tank or the body is heat resistant and contains the coil and the wick of the e-cig. It also holds storage for the e-liquid or vape juice. The tank is probably the most stylish of all the parts as there are not only different tanks with different functionalities, there are tanks with very different aesthetics as well.

Up next is the coil

The coil is a small piece of wire (resistant) that’s shaped like a coil spring. This is the heating element designed to produce the vapor from the juice or e-liquid. Coils come in two versions: single coil and dual coils. Dual coils have two heating elements, while single coils only have one. The wire is wrapped around the wick material (you usually have your self-built coils done by modders or you have your pre-made coils available at retail stores).

The wick is then fed through the middle of the coil and then connected to the power source.

Now we have the wick

We’re not talking about John Wick, either. Wick is an absorbent material, usually made from cotton, stainless steel mesh, or twisted silica cord. The wick delivers e-liquid from the tank to the coil, where it is then heated to produce vapor that can be inhaled. Without inhaling on the device, juice can’t be carried by the wick.

Juice or e-liquid is up next

Next, we have the juice or e-liquid. This is responsible for bringing in the flavor and for the vapor as well. For liquids, you have to pay attention to two details: VG and PG. VG or Vegetable Glycerine is more centered towards smoke production but they have higher nicotine content. PG or Propylene Glycol is responsible for deeper flavors. They don’t produce a lot of vapor, but you get more of the flavor. However, PG juices can be harsh on your throat that’s why you have to find juices with the right PG/VG ratio.

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