Few basic differences between aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeonsHealth 

Few basic differences between aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons

People always confuse between aestheticians and plastic surgeons. They are of two different professions, though their scope of work overlaps in certain areas. Its best to always know the types of doctors to know what type of services they can offer you. I will be delineating a few points to differentiate the two types of doctors.

Firstly its their qualification. Aestheticians are medical doctors who have done a diploma or degree in aesthetic procedures. They have spent few months to years mastering the specific course and have undergone intensive training with hands on practice on the techniques required for the said procedures. Plastic surgeons are medical doctors who have gone on to specialise in the field of surgery and then sub specialised in the field of plastic surgery. They are basic general surgeons who have minimum 8 years of working and mastering experience in the field of surgery and plastic surgery.

Secondly is the type of procedures they do. Aestheticians are trained to perform non operative minimally invasive procedures. They are trained to perform procedures like dermal fillers, thread lifts, laser therapies, botox injections, cool sculpting, just to name a few. They are not certified to perform invasive surgeries. Whereas plastic surgeons are trained to perform procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks. Plastic surgeons also perform reconstructive surgeries.

Thirdly, their patient base. Aestheticians patients may vary from basic medical cases aesthetic requiring patients. As they are medical doctors, some still maintain their general clinic and perform these procedures as an additional service. They do continue to practise basic medicine unless their have solely focused on aesthetics and only provide aesthetic services. Whereas plastic surgeons on the other hand, are basically surgeons so they perform all surgical procedures including non surgical procedures like dermal fillers in some cases.

Next is their workplace. Aestheticians generally either have a medical practice or an aesthetic clinic if they are solely focusing on that. The medical practice caters to all types of patients, whereas the aesthetic clinic only focuses on the aesthetic procedures. Both places on provide out patient services, whereby the patient comes for a procedure at the said appointment and leaves the same day. Plastic surgeons work at hospitals, and their surgical procedures do require hospital stay for days depending on the type of procedure. They at times have an outpatient system depending on the type of procedure performed, mostly the non invasive procedures are kept as outpatient whereby the patient is fit to return home the same day.

These are few demarcations between an aesthetician and a plastic surgeon, do find out the type of procedure you require and the best doctor to perform such procedure for you. This way you will not mix up between the two.

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