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How to react if a tooth is broken by a blow

If a tooth is broken when a blow is struck, that is, a fragment of the crown of one of your teeth is split, you have to know that there is a way to save it. Keep reading this article on how to react if a tooth breaks and you learn what you have to do.

Steps to follow:

  1. If you suffer a blow to your mouth and as a consequence a fragment of a crown is split from one of your teeth, you must try not to swallow it (in the case that it has remained inside your mouth) and keep it in your mouth.
  2. Before spitting the fragment of the tooth in your hands, you have to clean them well with plenty of water and soap to disinfect them. Then you have to dry them with a clean towel and you can now take the fragment of the tooth with your hands (whether it is inside your mouth or on the floor).
  3. After having taken the piece of tooth, you have to place it in a container with milk, serum or saliva to keep it in good condition.
  4. You quickly have to go to your dentist. Remember to bring the fragment that you previously put in a container.
  5. The dentist will study the case and evaluate if you can stick the tooth fragment with some special technique.
  6. If there is no possibility of using the same fragment, the dentist will fix your tooth with an aesthetic material.


  • You see that everything has a solution, so you do not have to panic.
  • Control your oral health, go to your dentist to make revisions.

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