Skin Enhancement

For more than 25 years, our passion is to improve skin by treating the skin so that it becomes vital and beautiful.For this we introduce various products, equipment and techniques. We are constantly looking for the best for your skin.

Not only with regard to repairing skin problems but also preventively by giving appropriate and honest advice, coupled with high-quality products proven proven.

Of course, safety combined with visible and tangible results is paramount in our salons.

Come on for an advice and skin analysis or book an introduction treatment so you can meet our company and our employees in a low-threshold way,

We warmly welcome you,


Our products do not contain perfume and mineral oils and are free from animal testing.

Sun use, smoking, alcohol and drug use provide early aging, the emphasis of our treatments is on restoring and protecting the skin and preventing unnecessary skin damage.

NIMUE skin improvement

Nimue mini treatment

A fast effective boost that raises your skin again.

Nimue core basic treatment

Skin-enhancing and refined care with enzyme and bio-active peeling for a radiant, clean skin or as a first encounter with Nimue.

40 minutes € 49.50

Nimue hyaluronic winter treatment

Intensive moisturizer treatment with 2 peels, a high dose of hyaluronic acid and a super hydrating mask, which makes the skin feel comfortable again. An ideal treatment after the summer for recovery of the hydro-lipid layer.

Nimue acne treatment 18+

Intensive deep cleansing for the skin with impurities.

Nimue maintenance treatment

Active anti-aging treatment with enzyme and bioactive peeling treatment is completed with a massage with super hydrating cream mask, for elasticity and more resilience.

Nimue Advanced Treatment

Very active rejuvenation treatment equal to maintnance but with intensive algae mask for a smooth and well hydrated skin.

Dermapen and Microneedling

Both treatments are rejuvenated by stimulation of collagen and elastin. In most cases, a cure advice is given with associated home care for an optimal result

Dermapen by Fusion

The derma treatment is the most intensive because it can be used at various depths, the pen that is provided with a sterile 11-point needle cartridge and is used in particular in relaxed skin, scar reduction (eg acne scars) and wrinkle formation. It is also very suitable for low moisture skin which begins to show the first lines. The drug cocktails used are sterile and are tailor made for the relevant skin indication.

Part payment of 65 euros Completely left with 119 euros including before and after treatment.


The micro roller makes microscopic channels in the skin, making drugs more deeply absorbed, the healing of the channels promotes cell division, and wrinkles are reduced, and is improved.

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