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The Best Tips For A Healthy And Slim Body

Whoever loves fruit moothies, we are sure to make this pineapple-cucumber smoothie with grapes. A tasty combination of fruit and vegetables. Delicious at lunch, but also for breakfast. Do you want a slimming week menu incl. Recipes and grocery list? Click here and I will send them free to you.

Pineapple: yellow and healthy

Columbus was the first European pineapple explorer in 1493. He liked the fruit so much he decided to take it to Europe. At that time there were of course no freezers, so keeping fruit was not always as easy. It was only the rich who could pay pineapple. Tuinders looked for ways to grow pineapples themselves. That did not end until 1600. Since then, we have been very fond of the pineapple. Not only because of the taste, but also because of the healthy character. It reduces blood pressure, promotes fertility and helps restore skin.

Together with the white grapes, this smoothie is a sweet taste. These little vitamin bubbles provide the necessary fibers in this smoothie. Combined with the cucumber and lettuce salad, this smoothie contains many nutrients that give you the energy you need. A good idea for those who like fresh smoothies: add a few leaves of mint.

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