The Best Ways For Weight Loss and Weight LossWeight Loss 

The Best Ways For Weight Loss and Weight Loss

The list below the 10 top methods to lose weight is the result of independent research into the effectiveness of different waste methods. Because we operate in the middle of the field of weight loss we think we have a good idea of which methods work well and which ones do not. Based on this, we have compiled a number of basic principles that are universal. Of course, you can also consult our articles for a full elaboration and applicable programs .

The list below is basically not ranked for effectiveness. A method lower in the list can work as well for you as a method higher on the list. In addition, the methods are obviously combined (and we definitely recommend it).

1. Write down what you eat – do not eliminate essential intakewrite down

This sounds simple and that’s the way it is. Write down what you take every day. What are you willing to delete? Start with that. You will realize that you often eat out of boredom or bad motivation. Check the snacks. These can increase significantly throughout the day, thus contributing to an excess of calories per day.

When you have a good overview of what you take every day, you often get the cause of the extra kilos. In addition, it is a good start to start your finishing range. Using the list allows you to schedule and get a lot better after a few weeks. It is also possible that you eat wrong during the day. By better timing, you can not feel hungry with less food. Such as breakfast and lunch and / or at an early age.

2. Beware of poor carbohydrates

What you see returns to most diets is a consensus about the following: industrially produced carbohydrates are bad for your weight. As it was named at the Atkins diet in the 70s until the Paleo diet  today – in fact, they say the same in this area, but in a renewed package. The notion that “refined carbohydrates” are very bad is also supported by scientific research.

bad carbohydratesLeave industrial processed carbohydrates for a while, such as:
– White Rice
– White Bread
– Pasta
– Chips
– Maize Products
– Soft Drinks
– All Fastfood ( Citrus , Fries)

More natural carbohydrates containing fibers, such as green vegetables, brown bread and non-fried rice, are in a limited amount to be taken to you during your waste period. Of course, just do not take too much.

3. Note bad fats

Like the carbohydrates, you can also distinguish between fats (good) (unsaturated) fats and bad saturated fats. So keep the saturated fats and focus on the unsaturated fats to get your daily nutrients and have no hunger feel.

Most refined bad fats derive from industrial processing of food.
Products containing bad fats include:bad fats

– Pastry and Cookies
– Full Cheese
– Sausage
– Salty Snacks
– All Fast Foods (burgers, fries)

Foods with good unsaturated fats can only be eaten and are even healthy. The good fats are found in products like (organic) meat and fish, nuts and eggs. Of course, you can just eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, to recommend all its potato products.

When you bite the bad saturated fats from your diet and focus on the correct fats you will soon see good results. Although not really in fashion, the Montignac diet and the South Beach diet are all good guidelines for banning bad fats from your daily food intake.

4. Eat as natural as possible

A thousand years ago (and until recently) obesity was quite rare. The enormously high number of overweight people today therefore goes hand in hand with the rise of industrially processed food. From the use of fructose, the ubiquitousness of fast food or the use of microwave meals; Many foods you eat have come about in a factory and not in nature. This has had some advantages, because so more people can be fed, but very healthy it is not. In order to lose your weight, it is advisable to return to your “roots” and to eat more naturally produced foods.

biological foodLook at your regular food pattern. What do you eat and what substances are there in? There is much to be said for the return of the traditional (organic) vegetable farmer, baker, butcher, cheese farmer and grocery store. The food that you can see as “natural” or ecologically responsible is usually also locally grown. This causes the food on sale to be much more fragile than other foods that come from far away and need to be frozen. Therefore, try to take food every day, which in any case directs back to nature. This is not always easy, and maybe even more expensive, but it is also much healthier.

For example, think of (all biological):

– Vegetables (apart from potatoes, corn and pods)
– Fruit
– Meat and fish
– Nuts and seeds
– Eggs
– Natural milk products and cheese

In this context it is also important that, for example, the meat of grass-fed cattle is not fed by corn. Corn contains fructose and that is a huge thickener.

When you think about it logically, it’s true: the mentioned natural food is the food is where man has lived for years and years and has grown up. Our bodies are organic machines that work best on this diet. An excellent starting point for a natural healthy diet is, for example, the De 7 × 7 Slimming Method  or the Carbohydrate Arm 50 Days Program .

5. Movement always helps

walkingA healthy and slim body is inherently linked to sufficient daily movement. How modest, any movement is always better than no movement. So if you have a sitting routine (maybe through your work), try moving more. Bike to work instead of car, or do your message once per foot. Everything helps for weight loss.

Keep it simple at least. What happens often is that people with overweight are going to go crazy. You’ll see in 90% of the cases that it’s too fast to overcome fitness and the motivation to lose weight. It is better to gradually bring more movement into your routines. If you walk a little, cycling and / or sport every day, you will always lose weight more than ever before.

If you find it difficult to start with this, the help of a dietitian is recommended. They can support and sometimes force you to move. This will break your own limits and eventually have a healthier body.

Also very good help are so-called training programs. The quality of this kind of programs that are offered ranges from very only to very good. So check this out. An excellent program with many practical workouts that is currently successful is The FIT Method . The positive of this program is that the exercises are simple and you can just do them at home.

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