Reduces Your Pigment Spots In Your FaceHealth 

This Reduces Your Pigment Spots In Your Face

A gift and even skin, that’s what everyone wants? If you suffer from pigment stains, this is very annoying. We have some tips on how to reduce and prevent pigment stains in your face.

1. Provide good protection against UVA and UVB radiation with the Cenzaa Sunshields.
2. Use a Cenzaa 24H cream and protect your skin from UV radiation and harmful effects from the outside throughout the year.
3. Egulate the skin and give the skin a brightening effect through an intense peeling with the Illuminating Skin Peel 5% – 10%.
4. Clarify the pigmentation and stimulate cell renewal with the Illuminating Mist.
5. Use Derma Sculpture to make a delicious cream, which gives the skin its maximum tension, firmness and even complexion.

As long as possible, look young and beautiful , that’s what we like. Your Cenzaa salon would like to help! The approach to perfect skinbegins here. Whatever your beauty wishes. Because we are happy to help you get the most beautiful version of yourself (again). Get acquainted with Cenzaa, the only cosmetic brand that combines Wellness , Skin Improvement and Cosmetic Skin Therapy

Your Cenzaa treatment in the salon always starts with the welcome ritual. This ensures complete and deep relaxation. Body & Mind are balanced during the unique Cenzaa experience of feeling, smell, hear and taste. Each Cenzaa treatment starts with a delicious scent and theeritual. Experience an ultimate sense of peace and well-being in which all the senses are pleasantly surprised. Choose your own fragrance in the Cenzaa products, which will completely tailor your treatment to your mood and skin type. Your taste choice during the tea tasting brings you on a tasteful dream trip and makes your treatment a perfect wellness experience.

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